C. Douglas

C. Douglas
Born : 1951

Academic Qualifications:
Diploma in fine arts, College of Arts and Crafts,
Madras (1971-76)

Solo Exhibitions:
Gallery Am Horwath Haus, Murnau, Germany (1982)
Bayerishes Verines Bank, Garmish, Germany (1983)
European Patent Office Gallery, Munich, Germany (1986)
Sakshi Gallery, Madras, Bombay (1992)
Schoos Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1994)
Gallery Ashvita, Madras (2008)
Gallery Akar Prakar, Kolkata (2008)
Jehangir Gallery, Bombay (2009)

Selected Group Exhibitions:
Kalayatra, Madras, Bombay & Delhi (1977-79)
International Kunst Aus Munchener Atleliers, Munich, Germany (1986)
Indian Artists, Eurpoian Patent Office, Munich, Germany (1993)
Ribaud, Alliance Francaise, Madras and France (1993)
Contemporary Artists-Arne Geminde Museum, Netherlands (1993)
Parallel Perceptions, Sridharani Gallery, New Delhi (1992)
Still Life, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay (1993)
Recent Trends in Contemporary Indian Art, Vadhera Gallery, New delhi (1995)
The New South, Delphina Gallery, Londay (1995)
Re-discovering Roots, Museo de la Nacion, Lima (1997)
Contemporary Art, Post Independence, Vadhera Gallery, New Delhi (1997)
Cryptograms, Lakeeran Gallery, Bombay (1997)
Embarkations, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay (1999)
Metaphorical Dialogue, Apparao Galleries, Madras, Delhi (1999)
Collectores Choice, Gallery Mullaer and Plate, Munich, Germany (1999)
Sites of Recurrence, Dakshina Chitra, Boras Museum, Sweden (1999)
Double Enders, Bombay, Delhi, Banglore&Kochin(2005)

Awards and Accolades:
Lalit Kala Academy, Madras (1980 & 1990)
Bharat Bhavan Biennale, Bhopal (1990)
Govt. of India-Cultural Fellowship (1991-93)
Invitations to work in ceramics,UNESCO Grant,
At European Ceramics Centre, Netherlands.(1994)
Charles Wallace Trust Award, UK (1994)