Gayatri Shantaram

 Gayatri Shantaram

2007-2008       Mod' Art International, Paris. Master II / MBA in the economy and management specialized in Luxury                          Goods & Fashion.
2004-2007       Stella Maris College, Chennai, India. Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts): History of Arts, Drawing and Painting.

Awards :
Proficiency in academics, extra and co-curricular activities.
Graduated Stella Maris College with a gold medal and distinction.


Placements & Work Experiences:
2011    Exhibited at Les Bulles, Paris France and at 'Scott G', architect's office, Paris France.
2010    Executed art works for Marriott Hotels, Pune India.
2009    Organised and participated in a group art exhibition at,Rina's Venu, Chennai, India.
2009    Participated in an Art Therapy Workshop held by gallery 'Forum',Chennai, India.
2009    Conducted a lecture on Art Therapy and Merchandising at Stella Maris College, Chennai India.
2009    Conducted Art Therapy Classes for the special and homeless children at the Cheshire Home, Chennai, India.           
2009    Conducted a Water Colour Workshop for the art students of Sishya, Chennai, India.
2007    Organised and participated in a group art exhibition at the Lalit Kala Akademi.
2007    Written and Illustrated 2 books for children '' Fruits'' & '' How was the world created''.
2006    Attended the “kyoorius design yatra” conference held at Goa.

As graduate in Fine Arts from Stella Maris College, Chennai, India, I found that my experiments with media and form have evolved over the years to help me discover my style of abstract painting using mixed media. India, where I grew up, and its folk and traditional art forms have always been sources of interest and inspiration to me in terms of colour, form and technique. Architecture, particularly its influence on artistic movements, has had a major influence on broadening my vision and developing my artistic perspective.

I continue to enjoy experimenting with new and different media – industrial paints, paint thinners and paints meant specifically for wood and metals have now caught my imagination as the final textures and effects are very satisfying to the eye. I try my best to use non-polluting, reusable and recycled material in order to reduce the impact on our fragile environment.

As part of my artistic journey, I have been involved in art therapy for children with special needs at the Cheshire Home, Chennai, India. Some of my work reflects my experiences with this unique and fulfilling project. I now live in Paris, and I believe my work draws on and reflects the transition I have made personally and professionally from India, where I am rooted, to Europe where I have made my new home.

My works have been exhibited at the 'Lalit Kala Akademi' and 'Rina's Venue' in Chennai, India, at 'Les Bulles' and in an architects' office in Paris, France. In 2011. In the past I have been commissioned to paint several works for ITC Chennai and Coimbatore, 'Komfort' interior designers in Bangalore, and 'Souza Exports', an export office in New Delhi, India. My latest commissioned work was for 'The Marriot' group of hotels in Pune, India and 'X-Audit' in Paris, France. Besides these professional commissioned works, I have also had the opportunity to paint several works and series for individuals from all walks of life and from all over the world. - Gayatri Shantaram.