S.Mark Rathinaraj

S. Mark Rathinaraj
25.04.1968 | T. Palur, Tamil Nadu

Education: 1985-1990 Diploma in Fine Arts (D.F.A), College of Fine Arts. Kumbakonam




Marking his presence with his simple, stark but solid strokes and lines is Mark’s specific way of introducing himself to the world of art. Like the simple lines in grandeur portrayals Mark Rathinaraj, Born in T.Palur, a village near the temple town of Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, is suave and serene and not overpowered by his paintings.

Mark’s innate artistic nature was shaped at the college of Fine Arts in Kumbakonam between 1985 and 1990.

“His timeless themes are lined with enduring brown and theatrical black to represent the intimate connection between Indian skin with earthy fertility and indelible imagery respectively” writes a reviewer of his painting.

His paintings mark his presence in many embassies and galleries, corporate houses and CEO’s homes, Religious centres and Places of worship, Private drawing rooms and personal collections.

Myriads of themes, yet limited by choice are his area in the art. The rarity of the lines shape the rustic beauty. Beauty of ordinary people is brought out in his extraordinary lines and profound nature of pedigree with brown base as well as charcoal on board.

The backdrop in his acrylic canvases with demonstrative dark brown and dried dark bubbles are not display of his personal desires or desire for difference. “Brown is the colour of Indianness, the soil of the land, the skin of the people” explains overwhelmed Mark while speaking on his motherland. Though the themes are limited geographically, his paintings are exhibited beyond the boundaries. It is a priceless in possession all over the world and in all the continents.

Lines render life in his paintings. His lines are “calligraphic, evocative and suggestive” writes another review. In absolute control of his lines the dancers dance, the carpenter chips, the king commands, the vendors sell, bulls fight, men plough, women plant. It is through his versatile lifeless lines nature of the living and nostalgic images of those living beyond times through culture and tradition.

His reverential rendering of K. Adimoolam is a witness to his road less traveled. Strongly linked with the lines of K. Adimoolam and Madras Art Movement, his lines thick, rough and confident lines are unique and absolute assurance of individuality, innovative, and intense brilliance.

His works are lauded for spontaneity leading to contemplative and meditative serenity. It is this remarkable and exceptional approach that demonstrates that his works are distinctive. In some of his works, only after intense and probe looking one will realize that there are no eyes in the subjects of his paintings. His creative brush strokes and nozzled plastic bottle finish make the eyes of the onlookers unto eyes of the subjects.

He has organized solo shows in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore and group shows in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. On the anvil are group and individual shows overseas.


Solo Shows
2011 Artexpo Newyork 2011, Newyork.
2010 Art Singapore 2010, Suntec City, Singapore.
2010 Archana Gallery, Malaysia.
2009 Gallerie Fort Zuid in Spaarndam, The Netherlands.
2009 Point of View Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2008 Vinnyasa Premier Art Galery, Chennai.
2007 Point of View Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2007 Academy of Fine Arts, New Delhi.
2006 Lakshana Art Gallery, Bangalore.
2006 Lakshana Art Gallery, Hyderbad.
2005 Little Italy, Chennai.
2004 Taj Fisherman's Cove, Chennai.
2004 Vinnyasa Art Premier Galery, Chennai.
1999 Chola Sheraton, Chennai.

Selected Group Shows
2010 “Art Aids Show” The Sheraton Park & Towers, Chennai.
2010 “Southern Scape” The Grand Trunk Road, Singapore.
2010 “Ways of life” Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad.
2009 “The Divine Feminine” Apparao Art Gallery, Chennai.
2008 “The Mahatma” Point of View Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2008 “Enduring Images” Athreyaa Art Gallery, Chennai.
2008 “Woman Inspired” Apparao Art Gallery, Chennai.
2007 Prakrit Arts, Mumbai.
2007 Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore.
2007 Vinnyasa Art Premier Galery, Chennai.
2006 Musuem Gallery, Mumbai.
1994 Ovia Nun Kalai Kuzhu, Chennai.
1992 Ovia Nun Kalai Kuzhu, Chennai.
1991 Trinity, Trichy | 1990 Kumbakonam | 1987 Vellore.