Thota Tharrani

Born on 16th December 1949, ThotaTharrani is one of the most creative people of our times. He has beeninvolved in the art of set design since he was just twelve when hehelped his father. In addition to his illustrious career in set designTharrani is also a renowned artiste. Being a man of several interestshe manages to excel in whatever he does. Be it the creation of arealistic set of the Dharavi Slums or the colourful transparent bus ofKaadhalan, Tharrani succeeds in creating the right ambience and theright tone.  
 Mr. Thota Tharrani has completed more than 43 yearsin Indian Cinema. He has completed more than 100 feature films as a SetDesigner and Art Director including three foreign productions:Pondichery, Dernier Comptoir Des Indes (French), Hanuman (French) andBranchie 1999 (Italian). He is a distinguished art director in Hindi,Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam film Industries. His expertise in magnificentand larger than life sets has been well appreciated and awarded. Withall his name and fame he still believes in designing on paper and isalso very particular about designing on inch graph paper so that allthe designs are on scale and can be easily erected.   

 Anythingand everything inspires the artist in Thota Tharrani. His subjects arefree flowing and never forced. Tharranis eye for detail in the mosttrivial day to day nuances reflect beautifully in his art. His strong academic background has helped fine-tune his natural skills.When he was barely twelve years old, he contributed a number ofdrawings towards the Madras Art Club and his work was greatlyappreciated. He enrolled in the Government Collegeof Arts & Crafts at the age of 17 in 1966. In 1971, he passed hispost Graduate Diploma in Mural Painting with distinction. In the sameyear he also attended a two-month Fresco camp in Rajasthan. Aftercompleting his education Tharrani went to Mumbai where he worked as avisualizer and artist for Sitas Advertising.  In 1976,  Tharranireceived a scholarship from the Government of France and went to Pariswhere he studied printmaking under S.W.Hayter at his studio Atelier-17(1976-1977) Tharraniattended a Graphic Workshop at New Delhi in 1978 and in 1979, heattended a print making workshop in India by Alister Grand from theRoyal College of Arts, London. He started hosting shows from the age of20 and has more than 46 shows to his credit world over. 
Today, his travel across the globe has drawn him substantial recognition and acclaim. He has travelled to the United States of America, France, Germany and the United  Kingdom. His visit to Japan under the auspices of the Japanese foundation led to his participation in the "Living in Seasons" in Toyoma, Japan. His versatile creations stand tall at destinations in France at theArchives Municipals de Bordeaux, Ecole des Beaux-Arts Bordeaux, Tourismde lInde, Paris, and Maison de lInde, Paris. 
InIndia his art can be seen at Mitsubishi Corporation, Kolkata, ECC andHindustan Motors, Chennai, Air India, Mumbai, SPIC, Chennai, NationalGallery of Modern Art, Delhi, KCP, Chennai & Delhi, DeccanHospital, Hyderabad, The Catholic Syrian Bank, Trichur, TAFE, Chennai,RANE, Chennai, Madras Rubber Factory, Chennai, Chemplast, Chennai,National Art Gallery, Chennai, The Hindu, Chennai, India Pistons,Chennai, Kumbakonam Jewellery, Salem, Gallery Chemould, Kolkata, IDBI,Chennai, Credit Lyonnes, Chennai, ITC, Hyderabad, Tata IBM, Bangalore,Access Technologies, Bangalore and the Grand Kakatiya, Hyderabad.  His work consists of paintings, murals, paper collages, wooden montages andmany other styles. He is one of the few people who have not restrictedthemselves to any one particular medium. He has tried everything frompencil, chalk, Colour pencils, crayons and pastels to acrylics andwatercolours on canvas, paper, boards, blackboards, sunmica and ceramicmediums. He has also experimented with paper collages and with woodenmontages later in his career. His zeal for creating something novel and unique is what keeps him going undeterred. 

Sitara award - amavasya chandrudu – 1981
Andhra pradesh state award - sagara sangamam - 1982 
Bommai nagi reddi award – 1987
National award - rajath kamal nayakan - 1988  
Andhra pradesh state award – gitanjali - 1989  
Kerala state award - abhimanyu – 1991
Cinema express award solidaire mark of excellnce – 1992
Tamilnadu state award - dhalapathi - 1993 
Tamilnadu state award - khadalan - 1997  
National award rajath kamal – indian - 1997  
Prestigious kalaimamani award by the govt. Of tamilnadu - 1998
Filmfare best techinician award - choodalani nundhi – 1999
Padmashri award – 2000
"Sigaram" – india today best 15 - 2005 
Asndhra pradesh state award - arjun nundhi - 2005 
Amaikya bharat gaurav satkar award by madras telugu academy – 2007
State award – chandramukhi & sringaram - 2005
Graphic Workshop Garhi Village, New Delhi. 
1976 Print Making "Atelier 17", S.W.Hayter, Paris. 
1977 Post Graduate Diploma {Fine Arts, Painting}Govt., College of Arts & Crafts, Madras, India.
1971 Fresco Training Camp – Banasthali Vidhyapith, Rajasthan               


1994 - Visitor of Japan Foundation, Japan. 
1992 - Design Symposium, Crafts Festival "Living in Seasons" Toyoma, Japan. 
1991 - Visitor of USIS/USIA, United States of America. 
1985 - Visitor of British Council, London. 
1985 - Visitor of France, Germany & England under the Sponsorship of ICCR & British Council.  

1981 - Poster Designing Camp "X" Group, British Council, Madras Print Making Workshop – Alistair Grant
1979 - Royal College of Arts, London/British Council, Madras. 

Graphic Prints – Lalit Kala Accademi, Madras. 
1980 Prize for Water Color, Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore 
1972 CAG Awards First and Second Prizes 
1971 First Prize for three consecutive years for Wild Life Painting Competition 
1968, 1969 & 1970  Prize at Mysore Dussera Exhibition  


1985 - Two Man Show with sculptor S. Nandagopal
Titl Gallery of Non-Aligned Countries, Titograd 

1995 - Two Man Show, Modern Art Gallery Alubjiana & Indian Cultural Centre, Bonn

1977 - Group Show: Sponsor "Crous", Orly airport Gallery 
1977 American Contradiction, Paris

1983 - Kanagawa International Print Exhibition Spain
1983 - 3rd mini Prints Bennale, Barcelona
1984 - 4th Mini Prints Biennale, Barcelona

New Graphic works presented by 28 contemporary artists Maltwood 
1994 - Art Museum & Gallery – University of Victoria

2007 - Mapping India – A Celebration of South India

2007 – Group Exposition, Bangkok

2007 – Inadian Artist, Taipei

1995 - Hope, Bangalore. 
1994  - Art Camp Organiser - Maurya Sheraton, Welcome Group, New Delhi. 
1993 - Trends & Images: Sponsor – CIMA, Culcutta & Delhi 
1992 - Wouonds: Sponsor – CIMA, Calcutta & Delhi
1992 - Three Man Show with Raghavan and Bhavani Shankar - Jahangir Art Gallery 
1986 -  Three Man Show with MF Hussain and Leila Pawar "The Gallery" 
1983 -  New Delhi National Exhibition of Art 
1981 -  Art Trend in south India: Sponsor – Reginal Centre, Lalit Kala Akademy 
1978/80/81/82  - Madras State Tamilnadu Oviyam Nunkalai Kuzhu 
1978 - Madras – 71 Prints – graphic Exhibition 
1975 -  Lacknow National Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademy 
1971/72  - Bangalore Mysore Pradesh Chitrakala Parishad 
1971 - Bombay Art Society 
1971 - Madras Young Painters & Sculptors 
1969 -  Bangalore Art Trend in the South – Maxmueller Bhavan 

1977 -  Maison De LInde Paris 
1977  - "Crous", Paris 
1976 -  France Archives Municipales De Bordeaux 

1977 - Vienna Biennale De Garbado – Graphic Arts 

2003 -  “Ganesa", Berlin 


1991 - "Force" Series, Jehangir Art Gallery 
1975 - Taj Art Gallery – Hotel Taj Intercontinental 
1971 -  Taj Art Gallery – Hotel Taj Intercontinental 
1984 -  Calcutta The Calcutta Art Gallery 
1973 -  Gallery Chemould 
1992 -  Bangalore Painting Exhibition 
1987 -  Kala Yatra 
1974 -  Ashoka Art Gallery, Hotel Ashoka
2007 – Thumbprints in time, CPAA

1999 - "Vinayaka" Kalakar Art Gallery 
1996 - "Rajasthani", CITY Bank 
1995 -   EASEL Gallery 
1991 -  "Window" Series, The Gallery 
1989 -  "Summ", Sakshi Gallery 
1988 -  "Force", Sakshi Gallery 
1986 -  "Symphony", Sindoori Hotel (Dyanora) 
1985 -   Kala Yatra 
1982/78/72/70  - Sarala Art Centre, Hotel Connemara 
2003 - "Ganeshas" German 
2004 -  "Tamarai Neelum", Apparao Galleries 
2004 -  Forum Art Gallery 
2004 - Aswitha Gallery [Rado Watches] 
2004 - "Ganeshas" Painting 
2006 - Symphony, Harmony & Liberty 
2006 - Mechaniical Deities 
2007 - Modern Trajectories, Vinnyasa Art Gallery
2007 – Madras on canvas, Forum Art Gallery
2007 - An Art Show For A Cause, Vinnyasa Art Gallery

"Glimpses", Gitanjali Gallery & Sakshi Gallery 

2006 - Originals (Group Show) 

Archives Municipales De Bordeaux, France 
Ecole des Beaux Arts Bordeaux, France 
Tourism De LInde, Paris, France 
Maison De LInde, Paris, France 
 Mitsubishi Corp., Calcutta, India 
ECC, India Hindustan Motors, India 
Air India, Mumbai, India 
SPIC, Mumbai, India 
National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, India 
KCP Chennai & New Delhi, India 
Deccan Hospital, Hyderabad, India 
The Catholic Syrian Bank, Trichur, India 
TAFE, Chennai, India 
RANE, Chennai, India 
Madras Rubber Factory, Chennai, India 
Chemplast, Chennai, India 
National Art Gallery, Chennai, India 
The Hindu, Chennai, India 
India Pistons, Chennai, India 
Kumbakonam Jewellery, Salem, India 
Gallery Chemould, Calcutta 
Ashvita Art Gallery, Chennai ,India 
And many other private companies and individual collections in India and abroad.